Garden Spot Multicolor Led

The waterproof outdoor lighting spike spot G.S. Multicolor Led comes to add color to the lighting of the garden in household and professional applications.

It is made of high quality thermoplastic materials which give excellent insulating strength (class II), allowing it to provide electrical safety that doesn't change over time, while it has extra UV stabilisation against solar radiation that ensures high resistance to ageing.

It is the only garden light fixture which is designed so that it can be connected in series with other light fixtures simplifying the electrical installation, providing in parallel ingress protection IP 65 that allows it to be placed even next to an automatic watering system.

It has three diffusers of different color that gives you the ability to create the atmosphere of your choice, by simply changing the diffuser.

It is designed for GU 10 Led lamps, that save energy without compromising the light quality. They have much longer lifetime, reducing maintenance costs, and do not contain mercury.

The batch packaging of the waterproof Garden Spot Multicolor Led is made in carton boxes of minimal aesthetics, with pre-embossed front panel, that enables the creation of a sales point, which volume can be easily customized to fit any space.

The G.S. Multicolor Led is now also available in a new wall-mounted version, in the colors of graphite, silver and white for the perfect integration into any type of decoration.