Quality Policy

The management of the company implements a specific policy on Quality in order to develop and manufacture products that are aimed to completely satisfy the demands of the technical world


This policy is summarized below:

- The quality of VIOKAR products should be constantly improved.

- The Company's products must be always regulated according to the provisions of international and European standards (EN, IEC) concerning them, as well as the relevant European Directives such as 2006/95/EC (LVD) and 2002/95/EC (RoHS).

- The company must provide services and products of proven quality to its customers.

- It shall work always with suppliers, which implement quality assurance systems and seek to deliver in time certified products that comply with the requirements of the company.

- Ensure ongoing communication between management, personnel and distributors for the information of the revisions or modifications of product specifications or other requirements of the technical world.

- Implement programs to improve quality having assumed that investing in them is necessary for its healthy growth.

- To ensure the necessary resources for the proper operation of the company.

- The management of the company must conduct regular reviews of its policy of sustainable development, operating more efficiently and with minimum environmental impact.

- The management of the company must conduct regular reviews and audits of the Quality System for its proper functionality and its constant optimization.