Technical Documents
National Legislation

The European Union in order to harmonize product safety requirements across Europe and ensure that they are safe for the user, establishes the basic safety requirements, they must meet when placed on the market, with the issue of relevant directives and regulations.

The Directives and Regulations are binding laws for each Member State. Enter into force upon their publication in the Official Journal of the European Union by the date specified in them or the twentieth day following its publication, if the day of effect is not declared. Member States shall adopt implementing measures in order to incorporate the directives into national legislation.

The authorities of each Member State are responsible for the supervision of the market in their territory, regarding the implementation of the basic safety requirements. In addition, they should take all necessary measures to withdraw unsafe products from the market.

ΦΕΚ is the official journal of the Greek Government that provides free access to the Greek legislation and presents new laws or amendment to the old ones.