New Pricelist APRIL 2021

Our new APRIL 2021 pricelist comes to replace our previous price list, January 2021, and comes into force on Monday, April 19, 2021.
Old codes have been replaced with new ones, some products are removed while many new products have been added such as:

• VIOKANALI with TESA adhesive tape - New colors
• VIOKANALI PROFESSIONAL - Superior design / Ice gray
ANTIMICROBIAL VIOKANALI - With silver ion technology
• VIOSPIRAL / VIOTUBO ZERO Halogen (Cross sections up to Ø 63)
• VIOCLIPS - New gray color for UTP cables
• TERMINALS - Significantly cheaper redesigned series
• New modern toner color is coming to replace black

Disposal of discarded products will continue until stocks are exhausted. In case you need any additional information or clarification you can contact us either by calling 210-9733542 or at the email address