• Create the lighting of your choice by simply changing the coloured lens.
  • It ensures ingress protection IP 65, so that it may be placed near an automated watering system.
  • With double insulation that provides electrical safety.
  • Made of UV stabilised thermoplastic polymer.
  • With three compartments for the separation of power and data cables.
Description Color Bulbs Packaging (pcs) Code
Multicolor Led SpikeGreyGU10 max 6 W120173230610
Multicolor Led SpikeGraphiteGU10 max 6 W120173231611
Multicolor Led SpikeGreenGU10 max 6 W120173237612
Multicolor Led Wall MountedGreyGU10 max 6 W240173230614
Multicolor Led Wall MountedGraphiteGU10 max 6 W240173231615
Multicolor Led Wall MountedWhiteGU10 max 6 W240173234616