• Ideal for use in aggressive environments, in terms of oxidation and corrosion, with mechanical properties that make it suitable for worksite and industrial areas.
  • Suitable for installation anywhere in the food supply chain, where the ISO 22000 and\or HACCP system applies.
  • As an insulating material, there is no need for earthing and is also maintenance free.
  • Complete system that fulfils all installation needs, but also improve significantly the aesthetics of the installation.
Dimensions B × H (mm) Safe Operation Weight (kg/m) Cross section (mm²) Description Packaging (m) Code
100 x 5010,04,055PVC cable tray2401-23-4821
150 x 5015,56,366PVC cable tray1801-23-4822
200 x 5019,57,934PVC cable tray601-23-4826
300 x 751819,601PVC cable tray601-23-4830
100 x 50--PVC cover2401-23-4838
150 x 50--PVC cover1801-23-4839
200 x 50--PVC cover1201-23-4840
300 x 75--PVC cover1201-23-4841
H 75--Internal divider3001-23-4877
150 x 50--Horizontal support601-23-4846
200 x 50--Horizontal support401-23-4847
300 x 75--Horizontal support401-23-4848
150 x 50--Vertical support601-23-4854
200 x 50--Vertical support401-23-4855
300 x 75--Vertical support401-23-4856
150 x 50--Haulage support601-23-4865
200 x 50--Haulage support401-23-4866
300 x 75--Haulage support401-23-4867
100 x 50--End Cover201-23-4973
150 x 50--End Cover201-23-4974
200 x 50--End Cover201-23-4975
300 x 75--End Cover201-23-4982
100 x 50--Flat angle with cover401-23-4923T
150 x 50--Flat angle with cover401-23-4924T
200 x 50--Flat angle with cover201-23-4928T
300 x 75--Flat angle with cover201-23-4932T
100 x 50--Internal angle with cover401-23-4940T
150 x 50--Internal angle with cover401-23-4941T
200 x 50--Internal angle with cover201-23-4945T
300 x 75--Internal angle with cover201-23-4949T
100 x 50--External angle with cover401-23-4958T
150 x 50--External angle with cover401-23-4959T
200 x 50--External angle with cover201-23-4963T
300 x 75--External angle with cover201-23-4965T
100 x 50--Tee201-23-4882
150 x 50--Tee201-23-4883
200 x 50--Tee101-23-4884
300 x 75--Tee101-23-4885
B 100 / 150, H 50--Coupler2001-23-4871
B 200, H 50--Avant coupler2001-23-4873
B 300, H--Avant coupler2001-23-4874
M 8 x 20--PVC bolt & screw10001-23-4892
H 50 - W 83--PVC U channel801-23-4894
136 x136--PVC bracket for PVC U channel801-23-4895
R 5 mm--PVC eye bolt10001-23-4896